TV: In modern sense any entertainment is incomplete without a television. Television in living area also represents family friendly environment and a space for bonding. So for obvious reasons, television often becomes the centrepiece of the room. We offer a wide range LED TV’s to help you choose the best fit for your living room or Bedroom.
REFRIGERATOR: The refrigerator is the biggest among all the kitchen appliances and it makes sense to buy a refrigerator after assessing the size of your space so that it not only suits your food storage needs but also fits well into your kitchen. With wide range of refrigerators we give you an opportunity to select the best fridge for your home.
WASHING MACHINE: After a long and tiring day, going home to clean a pile of dirty clothes can be cumbersome. Find exactly the right washing machine to make your life easier and save energy and detergent. From regular washing machines to fully-automatic machines, we have it all under one roof.
AIR CONDITIONER: Air conditioning system allows you to have the ideal climate for you, your family, friends and even for your pets! When selecting an air conditioner for your home, your must consider a few important factors like size, layout and usage. From helping you to select the best suitable AC to on-going service, we got you covered.
HOME THEATRE: Everyone loves watching a great movie on a big screen with a kickass speaker system. But selecting the best Home Theatre speaker set for your living room can be difficult at times. With a wide range of speaker sets to choose from, you will surely find the one you are looking for at the Brand Bucket.
DIGITAL CAMERA: Everyone loves to keep memories of their special days, events and trips, and it is only possible if you have a handy digital camera to capture those perfect moments at the right time. We offer a wide range of Digital Cameras with latest technology so that you never miss to capture a special moment.