What Causes More Power Efficiency In An LED TV?

What Causes More Power Efficiency In An LED TV?

Did you just walk into a puddle of confusing waters there? No wait, that’s just you sweating after hearing how different your LED TVs are from your regular LCD screens. You haven’t made a purchase yet and so it is better to ask the next LED TV dealer in Chandigarh what the best option would be for your home. There is a long list of differences between LED and LCD TVs. How will you make the choice?

Brands such as Sony and Lloyd and many more are into manufacturing LED TVs but when you are thinking about upgrading your home theatre setup for example, the primary factor that you would consider is the price.

This factor easily favours the LED screens of today because these prove to be more power efficient in the long run as they do not light up the darker pixels in the screen giving you a higher contrast ratio and better viewing experience. Any reputed LED TV dealers in Mohali or Chandigarh would tell you that. No matter what brand you pick, these will also give you better light output and more accurate colour reproduction.

Bit of Trivia – There is a catch here though. LED TVs are basically LCD TVs but instead of calling them LED-backlit LCD TV, we just call them LED TVs.

The Tech Behind More Power Efficiency Of An LED TV

LED screens use a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel too. This controls the light displayed on the screen. These panels are made up of two sheets of polarizing material. They contain LCD solution between them. As electric current passes through, the crystals align in a manner that either allows or doesn’t allow the light to pass through. This preserves energy and makes LED TVs more power efficient.

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